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Implementation: 2021/22 High level budget discussion

Who is affected: British Columbians

Posted on June 28, 2021

The Province presented information on high level budget and allocations for FY 2021-22.  Council provided the following feedback:

  • Request for additional detail for each of the funding categories.
  • Acknowledge other sources of funding (core budgets, COVID stimulus funds, other ministries) for wildlife work and reconciliation.
  • Increase the level of partnership approach and best mechanisms to ensure access to funding for First Nations.
  • Ideas and questions were presented related to setting aside a percentage of funds for acquisition, funding for data management, predator management, reconciliation, funding for Forum.
  • Council to consider performance measures to clearly set out the efficacy of the Together for Wildlife funding.

Actions & Next Steps:

The Province to report on regional priorities and additional detail on budget breakdown including baseline budget for various categories at the next meeting.


  • 2021 March 12 Meeting Minutes (n/a)

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