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  • We recommend that a letter be sent to your colleagues on the Environmental Land Use Committee to introduce the Together for Wildlife Strategy and Minister’s Wildlife Advisory Council. A draft letter has been prepared by Wildlife and Habitat Branch staff for your approval, with the Together for Wildlife Strategy attached, as well as a one-page summary of the Vision, Goals, and Actions. The Council members feel this letter would be an excellent first step in having your colleagues learn first-hand about the strategy and the Council, and would help open communication with other ministries as the Council’s work proceeds.
  • We request that Council be involved in a comprehensive review of the Wildlife Act, as mandated in the Together for Wildlife Strategy. We recognize that short-term amendments to the Wildlife Act are currently being considered and that legislative changes will likely be foundational to reconciliation. The Council supports reconciliation, and we hope to become a model of how Indigenous and non-Indigenous leaders can work together towards a better, more equitable, and sustainable society.
  • We recommend direction be given to your ministry leads for the Forests and Range Practices Act and the Old Growth Strategic Review to collaborate with Council on shared priorities. We kindly request a meeting between these groups and the Council to exchange information and understand how the Together for Wildlife Strategy could support and be part of the outcomes of other priority provincial initiatives. Also, within your ministry, Council supports the ongoing work between staff and industry to implement positive policy changes regarding forestry roads rehabilitation.

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